The mark that we leave on the planet, not only affects each one of us today, but it impacts every living being well into the future. As the owner of The Rental Company I would like to help our clients in planning the wedding of their dreams while preserving the Lakeshore’s amazing natural resources. As a company we hope that by providing either a basic handout or in depth Green Planning Services, that we can provide information and awareness. We want our customers to be able to make the choices that feel right to them and are appropriate for their event.

Environmental stewardship is especially near to our hearts here in West Michigan. There are numerous recreational activities such as swimming in Lake Michigan, hiking the sand dunes, snow skiing, and camping that we are able to take advantage of because of the incredible natural resources available in our area! At The Rental Company, we care deeply about preserving nature for future generations, providing habitat for native wildlife and maintaining the aesthetic beauty nature provides.

According to Green Bride Guide, 400-600 lbs of waste and 62 tons of carbon dioxide are produced yearly from weddings. Simple choices can help you to reduce waste and pollution that you may not have thought about when hosting an event. That is what we are striving for!

Check out our Compassion Connection to see how we are engaging with West Michigan non-profits and how you can contribute as well.

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2014 CSR Report on The Rental Company