There are many tent options available for your event. Everything from rope and pole, frame tents, clear top canvas to translucent canvas. Click the images below to get an idea of what style may best suit your needs. At The Rental Company we are happy to provide a CAD layout for you of your tent with the items you are thinking about putting under it (tables, chairs, dancefloor, etc) to make sure you have the best possible fit for your event. We also provide site checks at no cost to ensure that your space is big enough to accommodate the tent you want. Please call to set up a site check with us! 616-396-7300

For all tent set ups, it is important that you call MISS DIG several days prior to our arrival 1-800-482-7171

Frame F3 Gable End Tent
Frame F3 Gable End Tent
Aurora Tents
Sail Cloth Tents
High Peak Rope and Pole Tents
Rope and Pole & High Peak Rope and Pole Tents
Clear Top Tents
Clear Top Tents
Frame Tents
Frame Tents: White 

tent accessories

Tent Accessories