Apply to be a 2018 Compassion Connection Recipient here! 

Deadline for applications is December 1, 2017. Email with any questions about the process.

2017 Compassion Connection Recipients 


Are you a Rental Company Client?

You can help by donating to one of these non-profits. As a thank you, we will take your donation off of your bill with The Rental Company (up to 10% of your order with a cap of $250 – see below for details). We encourage all who are able to donate above and beyond this threshold, however! Send the check made out to the non-profit to The Rental Company. Then we will process the discount off of your bill and get the check to the non-profit.

Match: Mike has a rental order of $400 and donates $40. $40 comes off his rental order!
Up to 10% of order: Tina & Terri have a rental order of $250 and donate $50. $25 comes of their order!
Cap of $250: Sally has a rental order of $5,000 and donates $ 300. $250 comes off her rental order!


Ready to make a donation or have a few more questions? Email or call us at 616-396-7300.

Thank you for your consideration, let’s work together to build a strong community!