Labor Day Party, Anyone?

Labor Day Party, Anyone?

With the summer drawing to a close, you’re probably trying to come up with a big elaborate plan for one final party. Especially if you or someone in your family is going back to school in the next few weeks like I am. I know I would love to throw a big gathering before finishing my last year in Early College. If you feel the way I do, look no further than a cocktail party for Labor Day. Cocktail parties are great for bringing families and friends together before heading into the fall (and they are very easy to plan). To help you get inspired, I’ve thrown together some different table ideas that are easy and fun. Look 1 This look is certainly star spangled,

Student Designs Your Perfect Table

This past semester we had a student from the Careerline Tech Center working with The Rental Company on a project for her class. She came to the showroom, designed these layouts and has written her ideas in this delightful blog post:  Are you looking for the perfect table display for your big day or your next event? Well then you’ve come to the right place, The Rental Company offers high quality items and will help by brainstorming your event details and pulling together items that will make your day special! To get a more modern look I used square plates to suggest a more sleek, bold edge. Using a darker color linen underneath these plates would capture the bold style with a greater contrast between

Why Size Matters… For Event Tables

Why does size matter when it comes to table layouts? The short answer ? Guest comfort. Here are two things to consider when finding the right table for your event: Food Service Are you having a family style meal? Use a bigger table! The images below are of a wide 8′ table (42″ wide) and a 72″ round table. You can see that even on these wider tables the platters and bowls for the different menu items (in addition to water carafes, a bread basket, salt and pepper shakers, etc) take up a lot of space. Can  you image either of these tables a foot smaller down the center? Also, when you are cramming people into tables, if you are having a buffet or a plated