Castle Park is one of those dreamy magical places that once it is a part of you, it always holds a special place in your heart.  The Castle itself is a great meeting place and in the basement is the Olde Timers Room, which is an old bar space that holds lovely memories for many residents and their families.  Castle Park reminds me of the Vacation Setting for Dirty Dancing, I love the common areas, and there is always a tennis match, burger, broil or dance going on.

With this type of venue where the families have been connected and their kids have grown up with one another, creating a unique day for each couple can seem daunting. We had nine weddings at Castle Park this year. As a rental company, we took on the task of helping each couple make choices to tell their story, keep on their budget, and try not to duplicate features that other Castle Park couples were choosing.

Even if you aren’t getting married at the same venue as your friends, you probably want to make your wedding day unique to your love story. We are going to use Castle Park as an example to show you that you can let your personality shine through in many different ways, even given the same backdrop.


This wedding was absolutely stunning. Rhiannon Bosse Events designed a gorgeous day from the sailcloth tent and flowers to the color palate and stationery. They used the Oak Tree as their backdrop and the aisle was lined with the most stunning floral display! This was my favorite ceremony of the year.  From the rehearsal dinner to the after-reception party on the dance dune, each detail was thought out and planned to perfection. Having a strong design vision will help you create a unique event, and hiring professionals that can expand upon and elevate your design is what can truly set your day apart. Photos by Jill DeVries Photography


Another great way to have your event stand out is by considering the entire experience: from guest arrival to the sad farewells. Mother Nature tested this family and kept us all a bit worried about the weather, but they managed to get their rehearsal dinner, brunch, uncle’s luncheon, softball game, cocktail hour, and ceremony all outside while the rain held off. Another reason to have a great wedding planner, like White Dress Events, who coordinated the details for this one! Then, the clear top tent they chose for the reception got a sexy look with the rain that happened a bit after the dinner while the band was playing. Photos by Jill DeVries Photography


This wedding did a wonderful job creating a sense of togetherness at their wedding. From family style food to a dance floor that was just a few steps away from the dining tent, they kept their activities close so there was a natural flow to the day. A smart move that this family did was to have a mock-up appointment at The Rental Company showroom. This is especially important with family-style meals because it will show you if you have enough room for your decor and your food! If you do a mock-up in advance you can make adjustments midway through the order to accommodate what was going on the table. Photos by Kate Touzel Photography


HeyDay Event Lab helped this couple plan a great mix and mingle style event on the dance dune under a white top frame tent. This wedding with lounge furniture,  a few farm tables, and our rustic benches was fun, fresh, and modern.  This is a great example of taking bold steps to do something different and awesome! You don’t have to follow all the traditions of what is “expected” from your event. You can be a trendsetter and break the mold. Guests will remember how forward thinking and unique your wedding is for years to come. Photos by Jillian Bowes Photography


There are several great spots to have an event on site, depending on what you are planning to do and how many guests. One way of differentiating yourself in a common venue is by re-envisioning the space. Sure, the venue might have done it one way for 10 weddings this year, but what about positioning the ceremony in a different location? For this wedding, the tent was positioned near the old Oak that every castle parker loves.   We used slate blue linens and our vintage dishes to create a charming vintage vibe. Jill DeVries Photography


So no matter where you are getting married you can create a unique vision for you and your partner. Take some time to really consider what is most important to you – whether that is the design, the food, the atmosphere, etc. Then stop by The Rental Company and let us help you complete your vision!

Robyn Allison

Owner of The Rental Company

Cover Photo by Kate Touzel Photography