As we wrap up this year’s Compassion Connection year, we have one more featured organization to tell you about! Another wonderful nonprofit, one who is providing a necessity to families with little ones! Nestlings Diaper Bank is a nonprofit in West Michigan that provides diapers to low-income families. By working with local organizations, Nestlings has provided over 500,000 diapers since their start in 2011!


Why Diapers?

According to Nestlings, one in three families living at poverty level, struggle to provide diapers for their baby. This essential need is not provided through a government assistance program. Supplying diapers covers a major need for parents. Thus keeping babies dry, happy and healthy. By doing so, Nestlings is able to fulfill their mission to nurture happy and healthy families.

Who Receives the Diapers?

Through established partnerships in the West Michigan area, agencies receive diapers to disperse to families in need. Rather than giving directly to families, Nestlings provides the diapers to local organizations. As a result, diapers become more accessible and it saves other organizations time and money to put toward existing programs. These organizations include Holland Rescue Mission, Good Samaritan Ministries, and Valley Church Diaper Store. Yet there are over 20 agencies that work with Nestlings to supply diapers in the area. Which means there could be an agency right around the corner from you!


How can I Support Nestlings?

There are many ways to become involved with Nestlings Diaper Bank. Due to the high volume of needs in the area, Nestlings is always looking for helping hands. Whether you’d like to give your time or resources, you can make a great impact on the community! Below are many ways to support Nestlings.

  • Donate Diapers
  • Volunteer to Wrap Diapers
  • Donate Monetarily online or by mail
  • Sponsor a Diaper Drive
  • Donate through Amazon Smile

If you or someone you know is interested in supporting Nestlings Diaper Bank, visit here for more information! As always, you can also donate to Nestlings through the end of the year with Compassion Connection.