We know that during the holiday hustle you are faced with parties and dinners galore. Sometimes the thought of hosting your own dinner party can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Let us help you out by showing you our process for designing an event:


Make sure that you have all the essentials you need. From greenery and candles to plates, chairs, and more – you don’t want to stop your progress of setting up because you need to run to the store! Talk through your event from start to finish and pick up a few extra votives and vases in case there are spaces you forget about. Feel like you don’t even know where to start when “gathering” items for your event? Fear not, that is what The Rental Company staff is here for – stop by and describe your event. We are happy to think through the essentials of what rentals you need to make your party a success.


Put your good taste to work! Find ways to incorporate your theme throughout like using some copper wire in your floral arrangement to complement your copper chargers. Or using a green runner to make your greens feel fuller on your table. When in this step keep guest comfort in mind. Do they have enough space to comfortably sit at the table? Do they have a place to set their drink before dinner?

Get Creative

When hosting friends and family members, remember that they want to enjoy this party as much as you do! It is ok to get creative and do something bold or different. For this event, Robyn had the brilliant idea to hang lilies from the ceiling so they were cascading down toward the table – she even incorporated some geometric shapes to draw that color scheme into the full design. Did it work out? Yes! If it hadn’t? We would have a great story to tell our friends and perhaps would’ve gotten some suggestions on how to improve it for next time. Either way, a great conversation starter and something unique to present!

Fine Tune

Are the candles lit? What time is the caterer arriving? Is the coat rack clear for guests? Do I need another set of serving plates to accommodate any food allergies? This is your time to physically walk through the space and see what you would want if you were a guest. Pretend you’ve just arrived and try to consider what is going to make your experience as inviting and comfortable as possible.


This is the hard part for most of us. Sitting back and actually enjoying the evening that we have carefully crafted. Allow yourself to take a deep breath and actually look at the wonderful event you’ve assembled. Stop worrying about the little details out of place, the candle that won’t stay lit due to the wind, or why your picture won’t load on Instagram. Remember the reason you wanted to host the dinner in the first place: to celebrate love, family, community, and gratitude. When something doesn’t go right, come back to that thought, sip your glass of wine, and enjoy.