Hope Pkgs is a story of a family who saw a need and didn’t look the other way. Lisa Hoeve, the founder of the non-profit, noticed a problem that was facing children within foster care. The problem: children being placed in foster care often arrive with trash bags, if that, to carry their few belongings. Many children arrive with nothing. As a foster mom herself, she knew something had to be done.


The Idea

Hope Pkgs’ goal is to provide children with first night bags filled with new items. These items include pajamas, socks, underwear, body wash, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a book, a stuffed animal or blanket, which are all placed inside a backpack. During our volunteer event last week, Lisa explained that when case workers arrive to pick up children there isn’t much time to grab items. When kids are told to grab a few important items, they usually include toys. For children, needing underwear or clothes tends to be an afterthought. These can be high-stress situations, which is why case workers are not always able to help kids grab what they need.


The Benefit

The benefit of having brand-new items for the first night into foster care is not only helpful for the child but also the family. Not having to worry about what the child will wear to bed or need to shop for items can help ease the transition into a new home. With more time to focus on getting to know each other, both the family and child can benefit from Hope Pkgs.

A child’s transition to foster can be confusing and heartbreaking, so having something of their own is important in easing the effect of the change.


How You Can Help

Hope Pkgs is appreciative of all the community support they have received! Below is a list of how you can become involved:

  • Volunteer your time by having a backpack packaging party! The Rental Company did and it was a BLAST. This activity is for kids of all ages. It’s easy and so fun picking out items to stuff the backpacks for kids.
  • Donate supplies to Hope Pkgs. If you love shopping, then this could be the right option for you! And even if you don’t love the stores, many online sites will provide free shipping. Donating supplies could be as easy as logging on to your computer, picking out needed supplies, and checking out!
  • Donate a monetary gift. Hope Pkgs has made it easy to donate with a link on their website! $25 can give a child a backpack FILLED with supplies they need.
  • Of course, you can also donate to Hope Pkgs through your event at The Rental Company! As a Compassion Connection Partner of 2017, Hope Pkgs can receive a monetary donation from our wonderful clients. More details here.

Click here, for more information on how you can become involved with Hope Pkgs or foster care. Hope Pkgs has provided resources to learn more about foster care and how you can help!