Wedding planning is tough work. I know that from working at The Rental Company. But I also know that because I am in the middle of planning my own! As you continue planning your event, I will be right alongside doing the same. Let’s just say I “get it” now more than ever.


Picking a Wedding Date

When you work in the wedding industry and your fiance coaches football, picking a wedding date is not easy. All of June, August, and September was out of the questions because of wedding season. Then October and November were a big N-O because heaven forbids your wedding date falls on the same night as a big game… if they make it that far.

This was the first true test of a BIG compromise and luckily the wedding is still on and we have a date. Crisis averted.


Narrowing Down a Guest List

Choosing a guest list was also no easy task – which I am sure it isn’t for anyone. Of course, you have all of your closest friends and family. But what do you mean I have to invite my cousin’s, sister-in-law’s, nephew? That may be an extreme example but you understand what I mean!

Another aspect that made choosing a guest list difficult is that I don’t love the idea of inviting someone later on after a guest has declined a RSVP. This is often considered a couple’s “A” and “B” list. This works for so many couples but I personally feel terrible having a “b-list” with the exception of giving someone a plus one after a guest has declined. Justin and I thought long and hard about each guest we chose to invite and thoughtfully considered each relationship we shared with a potential guest.

What About…

It seems like every day I think of new tasks that need to be accomplished. Even as I write this I thought, “don’t forget to make hair and make up appointments!” And while a wedding planner would help with a lot of these second thoughts, that just wasn’t something that was in the budget.

All of these little thoughts and big dreams come with a reality check called a budget. Being a budget conscious bride with a job in the wedding industry can be both heartbreaking and eye-opening. Justin and I have been working hard to create a look we love and honestly, can afford. It can be tough to see glamorous photo shoots and elegant weddings all day long, knowing you won’t have quite the same look. However, this has not only helped me reevaluate the bigger picture of the wedding industry but shook up my creative juices for my own wedding!


Choosing the Details

We love the color blue so it’s no surprise that shades of blue will be incorporated into the design. However, I knew I wanted a soft color – something that would not stand out too much. I loved the idea of a muted blue – a color that would be different from plain white but not overpower the other details.

Additionally, I want to have very natural/moody floral arrangements. Small pops of deep colors with greenery and pale neutral tones. Some of my design ideas stemmed from a combination of the following inspiration photos found on pinterest:

It can be difficult to finalize a design concept when there are so many BEAUTIFUL weddings popping up every day. For an indecisive gal, I just keep telling myself that I know what I love and I need to run with it!


Better Serving My Clients

I have always had a love for weddings. Now more than ever I know what it involves from start to finish. Since graduating college and becoming engaged I feel as though I can relate to my couples on a whole new level. When it comes to my clients, I want each person to feel like they receive the same attention no matter their budget. Being a budget conscious bride, I know that although I may not be able to spend a ton of money on the glam, I still want something nice. I want you, no matter your budget, to feel like you are receiving something you love! We will work together to nail down a wonderful option.

I love being able to relate to my clients who are also wedding planning. It is so fun to share my experiences to those just starting the planning process. And it’s as equally amazing to hear from couples who are much farther along than myself.

That’s all I’ll share for now, but stick around and you may see more sneak peeks as the planning continues. Stop by the office to start planning your wedding with me and I guarantee it’ll be a fabulous time!


Engagement Photos by Elisabeth Marie Photography