In celebration of a special birthday this Sunday, we thought we’d give you the inside scoop on all things Robyn. I sat down last Thursday with Robyn to talk about the good, the better, and the inspiring. For those of you who don’t know Robyn, here is a little bit of insight!

Meet Robyn:

Robyn is a strong, independent woman with passion and drive for everything she does. She owns 2 horses, 4 mini horses, a baby mini pony, and another mini baby that should be here any day now! In addition to horses, she also has accumulated chickens, ducks and, of course, has multiple cats and dogs. Living the dream if you ask me! Robyn has owned The Rental Company for over 14 years now.  Juggling kids, a busy business, and her many animal babies – she manages to get it all done and still enjoy a glass of wine! Now let’s get down to business…

Q: How did you mind set change after turning 50?

A: We started off with a loaded question but Robyn was quick to answer! She put it simply by saying, “I just don’t give a…” – well, you know. Robyn feels “more true to self” since turning 50. She feels like she cares more about the things that matter and less about tiny stressors. Robyn has begun doing more that she loves, such as horseback riding and art classes.


Q: What is your favorite thing about working with weddings?

A: Before working in the event industry, Robyn never considered herself a creative person. But boy was she wrong! Robyn “love[s] helping people realize their dreams by taking what they love and turning it into reality.” Every year she helps with over 700 events – weddings and special occasions – to design something unique for each client.

Christa Hitchcock Photography


Q: You’re obviously a busy woman, working over 700 events a year, a family, and taking care of yourself – what is your go to meal to keep you going?

A: Without even batting an eye, “Three ears of corn on the cob or Farmhouse Deli mac and cheese”. And if you’re friend with Robyn on Facebook, you know this is not a joke!


Q: What is your latest knitting project?

A: Robyn LOVES to knit so we had to know what she was working on right now! At the moment, she is knitting away on a throw blanket for herself and Ella to use in the winter. Robyn mentioned, “this is the perfect project for the busy season because I can knit without having to focus – it is mindless work.”

Did you know that Robyn has made over 200 baby hats?

Christina Leskovar Photography


Q: If you didn’t own The Rental Company, what do you think you would be doing?

A: No matter how much we love our jobs, we all have that one thing we’ve thought about doing instead! For Robyn, it would be “flipping houses in West Michigan.” There’s no doubt that Robyn could stand up next to all the Chip and Jo’s of the world to flip crazy-beautiful homes. Robyn has a definite knack for decor and design!


Q: What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?

A: This past year has been an amazing ride for Robyn. She dropped 4 dress sizes and is feeling better than ever! Robyn “plans to maintain her healthy journey and continue to build an amazing staff and company” over the next year. Robyn feels so great about the crew she has on staff and is excited to continue to grow!


Q: Just a little over a week (now a couple days) until your next birthday – what has been your biggest highlight in the past year?

A: “Bringing horses home” was the best moment of the past year! Robyn explained that having the horses at home has been so relaxing. And the cute new baby is a bonus!


Q: What is your advice to the twenty-something of the world trying to start their career or even their own business?

A: Honest advice from someone who has been through it all:

  1. Be prepared to work your [butt] off
  2. Trust your gut
  3. Don’t let anyone tell you no

Be sure to wish Robyn an extra special happy birthday this Sunday! I hope you had as much enjoyment reading Robyn’s fun answers as I did during the interview.