Event lighting matters. It transforms spaces. Backyards become starlit bistros. Ballrooms are suddenly warm and cozy when the lights are dimmed. DJs create clubs under tents with some strategic lighting maneuvers.Even simple lighting helps caterers get food cleared from tables without tripping. Wondering what your options are as far as lighting goes? 

String Lighting

String lighting covers patios, creates beautiful swags of light in tents, and illuminates the edges of a basic space. It varies from simple bulbs for safety lighting to stunning large bulbs that make a magnificent statement.


Chandeliers help you to make a bold statement above a dance floor or throughout your tent/venue. They help to draw the eye to a focal point. Transform your space by imbuing the specific vibe you are going for with a chandelier. Looking for a classic romantic reception? Then the crystal chandelier is likely a good fit for you! Thinking something more industrial? Try a chandelier with some iron and edison bulbs!

Photos by Elisabeth Marie Photography


Often when clients are in our office trying to decide how much or what kind of lighting they need we ask them two questions. Have you looked at when sunset is? What about the lunar calendar? Knowing how much daylight you will have for your event and what phase the moon is in will help inform how much lighting you need for your event. With a full moon and a sunset at 10:10 pm, you might not need as much lighting to make sure your guests can see their way to the cake table than you thought.

Christa Hitchcock Photography

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