You’ve heard about and probably met Robyn, the Rental Company owner, or Heather, the General Manager, but now we are eager to introduce you to other staff members doing great behind the scenes work for The Rental Company. Some are shifting into new roles, others are excelling in the positions they currently hold. These are the true event heroes. Meet the team that makes your events fantastic:

 Shelbey Snider

Shelbey Snider - Client Experience SpecialistShelbey joined The Rental Company about a year and a half ago as an Event Assistant. After her graduation from Hope College this weekend she starts as our Client Experience Specialist. Shelbey has grown immensely throughout her time at The Rental Company. She developed her role into an integral piece of our team.

Her calm, compassionate demeanor is sure to set you at ease as you plan your event with us. She guides clients through their event with an impressive design eye, and she helps to make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed on your CAD layouts. Her knowledge of the company and our inventory positioned her to succeed. Now that she is engaged herself, she has a true understanding of what you are going through as you plan your own wedding or event! Welcome Shelbey to her role at The Rental Company by emailing her at


Luke Allison

Luke Allison - Operations ManagerLuke recently graduated from Adrian College but worked for The Rental Company during the summers for many years. He joined the team in the role of Operations Manager. What does that mean? He leads the tents and events set-up crews. As Robyn’s son, he has been working for The Rental Company since he was eleven.

But it is not just the number of hours on the job that developed him into a great candidate for this position. His degree in Geology & Environmental Sciences appears to be an odd fit for a rental company. However, the science proves very useful when surveying a property and setting up tent. Especially considering winds, landscaping, etc.  Luke cultivates a great team on the Tents & Events crew. Taking over the management of the setup teams has allowed the front office to focus in on making sure that your start to finish experience is unparalleled.

Dish, Linen, & White Glove

Our dish, linen, and White Glove team is a group of rockstars. These women make sure that your glasses are free of any water spots. They press each linen to perfection. They place each piece of flatware carefully on the table and secure each chair pad to make sure your guests have the utmost comfort level. These high school and college students are working their way through their education. They are funny, detail oriented and the heart of table top design. When you admire the stunning china inventory that we have and are impressed by the impeccable quality of each piece, you have these women to thank.

Stephanie leads this wonderful dish and linen team. She has been with the Rental Company in this position for over three years and is truly a behind-the-scenes hero. She manages everything from sewing draping pieces to ironing.  Stephanie organizes inventory and encourages our Dish and Linen team. She excels at all of these tasks with a sense of humor and positive attitude. Robyn calls her “Saint Stephanie” for the amount of work she gets done and the sometimes ridiculous requests we ask of her. So when you aren’t sure who to thank for your spotless tablescape, you know who to reach out to now!

Tent & Event Set Up

Last, but certainly not least, we want to cast light on the hardworking group of guys that make up our Tents and Events team. These guys work out in the rain, sun, and sleet making sure that tents, tables, and chairs are in place and pristine for your event. They work exceptionally hard to ensure that your event happens on time and is done well. Robyn says that she is always impressed with how kind and attentive to detail her staff is.

We all understand that we are part of some of the most important memories of your life. We do not take it lightly, and we are all honored to be able to work together to make your event amazing.



Head shot photos in this article done by Elisabeth Marie Photography & Design