It’s that time of the year again when everyone is itching the get out of the office! The sunshine is staying out later, the air is warmer, and the employees that work for you have worked hard all winter long. Spring and Summer are the perfect times for a company picnic or employee appreciation luncheon. But where do you even begin?


The Basics

Of course, you’ll need tables and chairs! Be sure to think about who is attending so you can rent the appropriate chair option. Your guests will want a chair that is comfortable yet durable. You also want to consider cost. What’s your budget for the event? Let us know and we can help you decide on chairs and tables that fit your criteria.



The Outdoor Essentials

If the event is going to be outdoors, then there a few other essentials to keep in mind.

Tent: Renting a tent will keep your guests and the food out of the sun. Giving your guests a shady spot to sit will keep everyone hanging around to enjoy the fun you have planned for them! And keeping the food in the shade is a must if you plan on having it available for a majority of the event.

Restrooms: Another must have is a restroom. This may go overlooked, but if you are hosting your event outside then you’ll also need a portable restroom. Appreciate your employees by making sure they don’t have to travel 5 minutes back through the parking lot to get to the restroom inside the building.

Fans: Depending on the season of your employee party, it could be extremely hot outside. A tent can only do so much to keep guests cool so it is a good idea to consider renting fans for outside.

Lighting: Lastly, if you plan on your employee party to go on later in the evening, then lighting is a need! Lighting can be strung throughout the tent to make sure the area is well lit.


The Catering Necessities

Whether you are working with a caterer for 300 people or you’re supplying your own food for 30, you’ll need a few items to keep the buffet line running smoothly.

Chafing Dishes: Keep your food warm, cool, or away from the bugs by renting chafers. A buffet line isn’t the same without a few containers to keep everything together. The best is part is that everything will look cohesive and stay clean for longer.

Serving Spoons and Tongs: How will the delicious food make its way onto plates? I’m guessing your employees don’t want to use their hands. Do not let these small items get overlooked because they are essential for a buffet line.

Rolled Flatware: If you’re planning to use real flatware, then the easiest way to get people moving through the buffet line is to roll your flatware into a napkin. Your employees don’t have to fumble with separate napkins and flatware. Instead, they’ll just need to grab one thing in addition to their plate.



Let us know your vision for your employee party and we can start planning! Whether your event is in a parking lot, a back yard, or someone’s home we have the perfect solution for your event. Call today at (616)396-7300 to set up an appointment for your employee gathering!